Upcoming Events

Time Table

25 Oct - 1 Jan
Nan Tien Temple
2018 Nan Tien Cultural Festival -Teaser Poster
Celebrate the New Year ...
25 Dec - 24 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
Wood - Firing Ceramics Artist Huang Da An World Tour Exhibition-Teaser Poster
Ceramic art works display the beauty and philosophy of life: an embodiment of passion, endeavour, and respect of impermanence. ...
8 Dec - 2 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Family Dancing Class-Teaser Poster
Learning Basic Dancing Skills, Promoting Happy Family Time ...
30 Oct - 31 Dec
IBAA Chatswood
2018 Nan Tien Buddhist Temple Chatswood Upcoming Events 10-12-Teaser Poster
2018 Nan Tien Buddhist Temple Chatswood Upcoming Events 10-12 ...
2 Oct - 17 Dec
Nan Tien Temple
Pilgrim Lodge Closed and Retreats Cancelled and Main Shrine Closed ...
29 Sep - 31 Dec
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Temple and Branch Temples Upcoming Events Sep ~ Dec-Teaser Poster
Nan Tien Temple and Branch Temples Upcoming Events Aug ~ Dec ...

Social Education

7 Jan - 11 Jan
Nan Tien Temple
Three Acts of Goodness: Family Summer Holiday Trip to Tai Wan-Teaser Poster
Visiting Fo Guang Shan Monastery and the Buddha Memorial Center, attending motivation lessons. ...
13 Jan
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien's Community Day-Teaser Poster
Celebrate Buddha's Enlightenment Day at Nan Tien's Community Day ...
10 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
Happy Chinese New Year - Charming Guizhou-Teaser Poster
Dances, songs, acrobatics are from Guizhou province, China to celebrate the Chinese New Year. ...

Meditation & Classes

19 May - 22 Dec
Nan Tien Temple
Free Meditation Class for Adults and Children (Saturday)-Teaser Poster
Allow yourself to relax and regroup as we entertain the kids with enriching programs! ...

Dharma Service

20 Jan
Nan Tien Temple
2019 Commemoration of Ancestor Dharma Function-Teaser Poster
Commemoration of Ancestor is the practice of filial piety to show gratitude to one’s ancestors. ...
9 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
2019 Offering to Buddhas and Celestial Guardians Dharma Service-Teaser Poster
Supporting the Triple Gem will generate immeasurable merits. Heavenly guardians will also protect those who are devout and make sincere offerings. ...
19 Jan - 17 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
IBAA Parramatta
IBAA Chatswood
IBAA Kogarah
Light Offering-Teaser Poster
Light Offering ...