The Art of Silk - ChiJian Ye Silk Painting Exhibition

The Art of Silk - ChiJian Ye Silk Painting Exhibition -Poster
Nan Tien Temple


Professor ChiJian Ye was born in 1952 in DongGuan. He graduated from the GuangZhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1975. He went on to finish a Graduate Certificate at XiAn Fine Art Academy in 1981.And is a retired Professor of Fine Arts at the GuangDong Industry Technical College. And as part of his career he has been able to visit Singapore, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, HongKong for academic exchange. he is a Member of the China Institute of Arts and Sculpture Professional Committee, a Member of GuangDong Artists Association, a council member of the Artist committee of the China Ceramics Industrial Association, and a council Member of GuangDong Arts and Crafts Association, the Vice president of Melarts association, a council Member of the Guangzhou Arts & Crafts Association. 


Since 1971, Professor ChiJian Ye has created a large number of sculptures and ceramic works. He has also received more than 20 awards from national, provincial and city institutes. In 2014, his oil painting Terminal Sunrise was awarded the 3rd place in the Mission to Seafarers ASP Best in Traditional Award.


His thesis and works have been published in various major magazines and newspapers. In 2001 Contemporary Chinese Sculptors Collection -- selected works of Ye ChiJian was published by The Sculpture Professional Committee of China Arts and Crafts Association. In 2009 his personal portfolio Wisdom of Earth, Love of my hometown Dong Guan, ChiJian Ye Artworks Collection was published by LingNan Publishing House. In 2011 Collection of Artworks By ChiJian Ye was published by LingNan Art Publishing House. 


From 2009 to 2016, ChiJian has held multiple solo exhibitions in GuanCheng Art Museum, LingNan Art Museum, GuYuan Art Museum, GuangDong Folk Art Museum, Melbourne East and West Art Gallery and Whitehorse Art Space. His works are also appreciated by many private collectors and art galleries.


Opening:5 Feb, 2017, 1:30pm
Date       :15 Jan, - 26 Apr 2017
Time      :9am - 5pm
Address  :Nan Tien Temple Museum