Upcoming Events

Time Table

11 Mar - 25 Nov
Nan Tien Temple
Self-development and Cultivation Saturday (Free classes for adults & children)  -Teaser Poster
Allow yourself to relax and regroup as we entertain the kids with enriching programs! ...
15 Apr - 14 Oct
Nan Tien Temple
2017 Baby Blessing & Baby Shower Ceremony -Teaser Poster
Baby Blessing Ceremonies are held regularly at the Nan Tien temple. Our purpose is to bless children under the protection and guidance of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, so that they may live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. ...
13 May - 11 Nov
Nan Tien Temple
2017 Tea Meditation Retreat-Teaser Poster
This retreat will introduce you to an ancient practice, where every step of the process is completed with mindfulness. ...
17 Mar - 31 Jul
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Temple and Branch Temples Upcoming Events Jan~ Feb-Teaser Poster
Nan Tien Temple and Branch Temples Upcoming Events Jan~ Feb ...
1 Mar - 30 Apr
IBAA Parramatta
IBAA Parramatta March-April Events Calendar-Teaser Poster
IBAA Parramatta March-April Events Calendar ...
1 Mar - 31 May
Nan Tien Temple
IBAA Chatswood Upcoming Events March ~ May 2017-Teaser Poster
IBAA Chatswood Upcoming Events March ~ May 2017 ...
25 Feb - 23 Dec
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Chinese School - Three Acts of Goodness Children's Buddhism Class-Teaser Poster
To help children learn Chinese with ease, grow with joy and confidence. ...
22 Feb - 15 Nov
Nan Tien Temple
Buddhism &  Meditation Class -Teaser Poster
Learn Buddhism and Mediation at Nan Tien temple. ...
7 Dec - 30 Jun
Nan Tien Temple and Branch Temples Upcoming Events-Teaser Poster
2016-2017 Nan Tien Temple and Branch Temples Upcoming Events ...
11 Mar
IBAA Chatswood
IBAA Chatswood Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem Retreat-Teaser Poster
To promote correct views and understanding of Buddhist Precepts. ...
5 Mar - 19 Mar
Nan Tien Temple
Cultivation Class-Teaser Poster
Free Self-Cultivation Class Every Sunday ...
12 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
2017 Nan Tien Temple New Year's Concert-Teaser Poster
Performed by Beauty & Melody Orchestra Of Sichuan. All welcome. ...
27 Jan - 5 Feb
2017 Chinese New Year's Celebration-Teaser Poster
All is welcome to Chinese New Year Celebration ...
8 Jan - 12 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
Light Offering for the New Year-Teaser Poster
Offering the light for 2017. Wish 2017 auspicious and harmony. ...
1 Nov - 28 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
Tea Chan -Teaser Poster
Tea Chan Exhibition ...
8 Sep - 31 Dec
IBAA Kogarah
IBAA Kogarah Upcoming Events Sep~Dec-Teaser Poster
IBAA Kogarah Upcoming Events Sep~Dec ...

Social Education

14 Apr - 17 Apr
Nan Tien Temple
2017 Buddha's Birthday Cultural Festival-Teaser Poster
Bathing of the Buddha; Make a Bodhi Wish, Kids’ Dharma Game etc ...
8 Jun - 16 Jun
Nan Tien Temple
Siddhartha the Musical-Teaser Poster
In this captivating, inspiring and vibrant musical, discover the story about Buddha ...
18 Jun
Nan Tien Temple
IBAA Parramatta
IBAA Sydney
IBAA Chatswood
IBAA Kogarah
2017 Buddhist Examination-Teaser Poster
Learn Buddhism and Understanding Humanistic Buddhism ...
11 Mar - 14 May
Nan Tien Temple
Dhyana Praises - The art of Patrick Lam-Teaser Poster
Patrick excels in the bird-flower and landscape painting of the Lingnan School, and has successfully nurtured his own creative style. ...
25 Feb - 15 Apr
Nan Tien Temple
Dun Huang Dance Workshop-Teaser Poster
Dunhuang Dance is inspired by the artistic images of Buddha. Found along the caves of the ancient city Dunhuang Gansu province in west China. Join the workshop as we teach you the history of the traditional Chinese dance and its contemporary style of movement. ...
2 Feb - 26 Apr
Nan Tien Temple
The Art of Silk - ChiJian Ye Silk Painting Exhibition -Teaser Poster
Originating from China, silk painting is an art form with over 2000 years of history that involves applying colored pigment to silk cloth. ...
7 May
Nan Tien Temple
Twenty-four Seasonal Drums Training Class Application-Teaser Poster
Twenty-four Seasonal Drums Training Class Application ...
7 Mar
Nan Tien Temple
Celebrate Seniors week at Nan Tien Temple-Teaser Poster
Free Senior's Week event at Nan Tien temple. ...
10 Jan - 13 Jan
Nan Tien Temple
2017 Camparadise-Teaser Poster
To allow youths to experience kindness, compassion, joy and generosity with others. ...
24 Dec - 1 Jan
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Cultural Festival-Teaser Poster
During Christmas holiday, Nan Tien temple holds Nan Tien Cultural Festival. There are arts and crafts, performances and food. Free admission All are welcome! ...
1 Nov - 28 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
One Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition by Venerable  Master Hsing Yun-Teaser Poster
“One-stroke calligraphy” means that every piece of calligraphy written by Venerable Master is done in one stroke. ...
9 Oct - 8 Jan
Nan Tien Temple
Beyond Fleur by Limzy - an art exhibition from the wind and nature-Teaser Poster
When life gives you flowers, paint: Malaysian artist, Limzy, on her brand of art ...

Dharma Service

2 Apr
Nan Tien Temple
2017 Qing Ming Dharma Service-Teaser Poster
he ceremony is an opportunity to transfer merits to your ancestors, wishing them rebirth into the Western Pureland. ...
4 Feb
Nan Tien Temple
2017 Offering to Buddhas and Celestial Guardians Dharma Service-Teaser Poster
Supporting the Triple Gem will generate immeasurable merits. Heavenly guardians will also protect those who are devout and make sincere offerings. ...
15 Jan
Nan Tien Temple
2017 Nan Tien Temple Commemoration of Ancestor Dharma Function-Teaser Poster
Commemoration of Ancestor is the practice of filial piety to show gratitude to one’s ancestors. ...

Buddhist Retreat

25 Mar
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Temple Blessing Tour for oversee students-Teaser Poster
If you just arrive Sydney to start a new journey, please come to Nan Tien Temple. May Buddha and Bodhisattva bless you. ...
15 Jan - 21 Jan
2017 Nan Tien Buddhist Monastic Retreat-Teaser Poster
Using the Three Acts of Goodness (Do good deeds; Speak good words; Think good thoughts) of Humanistic Buddhism. Deadline of Applications: Monday November 30th 2016 ...